CORE Consulting (NZ) Mortgage & Insurance

KIM Ryan Jung-Hwan’s Personal disclosure Statement, prepared on 29 July 2011

Contact details
Adviser Name KIM Ryan Jung‐Hwan
Adviser Company Name CORE Financial Services Ltd
Trading As Core Consulting NZ
Mailing Address PO Box 305 239, Triton Plaza, Auckland
Physical Address C1, Antares Centre, 58 Apollo Dr, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
Telephone 09 479 8689
Mobile Phone 027 288 8929
Fax 09 479 8087
Email ryan@corefs.co.nz or info@corefs.co.nz

The Securities Markets Act 1988 and the Securities Markets (Investment Advisers and Brokers) Regulations 2007 require that I disclose certain information to you before I can give you investment advice or receive any money or property from you for securities. This document contains a range of information and answers to questions you may have about me. It provides you with details about: the services I can provide, how I run my business, my experience and qualifications, how I am remunerated, any relevant interests and relationships and my money handling processes.

What is my role as your Adviser?

My role is to work with you to help you achieve your financial objectives. Every one of my clients has a different set of financial needs and goals. By working together, I can assist you to find financial solutions that are tailored to suit your particular situation. My current individual FSP number is FSP 50781 and company FSP number is FSP 2061

What is my experience and qualifications?

I have been working as an Adviser and have been giving mortgage and insurance advice since 2004. During that time, I particularly enjoy helping my clients reach their financial destination. I have also attained the following qualification/s:
- Bachelor of Commerce (major in Finance) from Auckland University
- At present getting a qualification of diploma ‘Financial planning’ in Massey University and completed Mortgage broking essentials & residential properties of certificate of Competence And currently doing NZFS Industry Essentials. I believe that to enable me to provide you with the best investment advice possible it is my responsibility to remain up-to-date with any new developments in the financial services industry, changes in the legal and taxation environment and other financial issues. I undertake such professional development training as is necessary to ensure that I have the skills and knowledge to conduct my business in a professional manner.

Details of Firm

In March 2007, KIM Ryan Jung-Hwan formed CORE financial Services Ltd and is the founder of the company.
KIM Ryan Jung-Hwan is also Director and a shareholder in the company.

What areas can I provide advice to you?

I give advice in the following subject areas:
- Lending : to help you borrow money for personal or business purposes
- Insurance : to protect you, your family or business
- International Student insurance
- House and contents insurance

I only give advice in the particular subject areas set out above.

Who are my Product Providers?

The range of products and services I provide advice on include the financial services products managed and distributed by the New Zealand financial services companies listed below:

ANZ Bank ASB Bank ASAP Finance
Liberty Financial National Bank of NZ Pioneer Mortgages
Resi Mortgages NZ Westpac Banking Corp Prestos Mortgages
General Finance York Financial group Prime Nationwide
New Zealand Home Loan Southern Cross Finance And other financial companies.

Sovereign / Southern Cross – Health / Southern Cross - Travel / Orbit Protect / Vero / AON / /TOWER

The above is not an exhaustive list of suppliers and from time to time I may advise or be asked to advise on products offered by different suppliers. If the above list of suppliers is amended in the future and the change is relevant to the advice that I provide to you, then I will provide you with an updated disclosure statement.

How I operate

When I give advice I follow the internationally recognised six-step process:
1. establishing the client-adviser relationship,
2. gathering client data and determining your goals and expectations,
3. analysing and evaluating the client's financial position, cash and debt management, personal and business insurance and/ or retirement planning,
4. overseeing the implementation of the plan, and
5. Monitoring and reviewing the plan.

This can require a series of meetings with a prospective client before our advice is finalised. It also means we maintain a close on-going relationship with clients, regularly reviewing progress and working with them over time to ensure their goals can be met.

The services we provide will depend on your needs. They may include any or all of those detailed in this Disclosure Statement.

My advice will take account of your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. It will be clear and concise, with enough detail for you to make an informed decision about whether to act on it.

My remuneration

My remuneration is either by way of fees, or by way of an initial and/or ongoing commission on the products that I sell. The commission amount varies depending on the product, the amount contributed, and sometimes on the length of time that the product is intended for. I attach a schedule that discloses the nature and level of the fees that I will charge you for investment advice. The schedule sets out how my fees will be calculated, when the fees are to be paid and any other costs in relation to an investment or transaction, so that you can see the total amount that your investment will cost you.

Professional indemnity insurance

In accordance with industry standards, and for your protection, CORE Financial Services Ltd and KIM Ryan Jung-Hwan are covered under professional indemnity insurance up to $1 Million NZ Dollars. This policy includes the following covers: professional indemnity, employers and statutory liability. This policy applies when KIM Ryan Jung-Hwan acts in his professional capacity as a financial adviser. As with all insurances, these covers have limitations and are subject to certain exclusion, terms and conditions.

Dispute resolution

Any potential complaints are best directed to KIM Ryan Jung-Hwan, Director at Core Consulting in the first instance otherwise you can contact FSCL – dispute resolution scheme

My procedures for handling payments

Payments made by clients:
Unless otherwise agreed by the relevant product provider, all payments made by you are to be made by cheque, crossed ‘Non Transferable” and made payable to the particular product provider. If you give me a cheque in those circumstances, then I will take steps to deliver it to the particular product provider for processing according to your instructions. I do not hold any money or property on trust. I do not operate trust accounts for my clients, nor do I in any circumstances use clients’ money or property for the benefit of any other person or myself.

Payments made to clients:
All monies payable to you will be paid directly by the particular product provider. Funds can be paid to you by cheque, posted to your nominated address, or by direct credit to your nominated bank account.

Personal disclosure

Developing a financial plan is one of the most important decisions you will make and it is vital that you make the right choice regarding the person you receive financial advice from. I am a self-employed Adviser independently contracted to, and am not an agent or employee of, any of the product providers listed above. I operate as Core consulting NZ

Disclosure of criminal convictions

I have not been: (a) convicted of an offence under the Securities Markets Act 1988, the Securities Act 1978, or of a crime involving dishonesty; (b) a principal officer of a body corporate at a time when that body corporate committed any one of these offences; (c) adjudicated bankrupt; (d) prohibited by a law or by any Court from taking part in the management of a company or business; (e) the subject of an adverse finding by a court in any civil or criminal court action that has been taken me in my professional capacity; or (f) expelled from, or been prohibited from being a member of, a professional body. If I am a body corporate or an unincorporated body, I confirm that: (a) none of the above things have happened to a principal officer of the body corporate or unincorporated body; and (b) the body corporate or unincorporated society has not been placed in statutory management or receivership within the last five years.

I am committed to providing you with a selection of some of the best available financial solutions designed to grow and protect your assets, supported by a high level of quality advice, ongoing monitoring and reporting.